Excellence Billiard Tables - Elegant furniture solution for your playroom


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Discover the pinnacle of leisure and elegance with our Excellence Billiard Table Collection. Each piece exudes authenticity and lightness, seamlessly blending into the most sophisticated of spaces—be it your dining room or office. This collection isn't just about games; it's about making a statement. The classic shape of our billiard tables, paired with unmatched craftsmanship, elevates your space, transforming any room into a hub of luxury and relaxation.

Imagine the soft click of billiard balls, the smooth glide of the cue in your hands, and the warmth of shared laughter filling the room. This isn't just about playing a game; it's about creating moments, building connections, and enjoying the finer things in life. Our Excellence billiard table is a centerpiece that invites conversation, competition, and camaraderie. Whether you're hosting a formal gathering or a casual get-together, this table stands as a testament to your taste for elegance and your appreciation for the timeless joy of billiards.

Why settle for ordinary when you can elevate your home or office with something that speaks volumes about your style and sophistication? Our billiard tables are designed not just for play but as a piece of art, blending functionality with aesthetic appeal. Each table is a masterpiece, promising not just entertainment but an enhancement of your living space.

Embrace the blend of tradition and modernity with our Excellence Billiard Table Collection, where every game is an experience, every shot a memory in the making. Don't just play; live the game in unparalleled style.

Dimensions and playing modes:
The classic Excellence billiard table is available in all sizes:

  • 1 m 90 with 20 mm slate thickness
  • 2 m 10 with 20 mm slate thickness
  • 2 m 20 with 30 mm slate thickness
  • 2 m 40 with 30 mm slate thickness
  • 2 m 60 with 30 mm slate thickness
  • 2 m 80 with 30 or 50 mm slate thickness
  • 3 m 10 with 60 mm slate thickness
  • 3 m 80 with 45 mm slate thickness

This elegant billiard table is suitable for all types of play - the choice is yours:

  • American billiards
  • Carambole (French billiards)
  • Blackball (8 Pool, English)
  • Mixed strip or plug billiards (from 2 m 20)
  • Snooker


          • Metal frame
          • Slate
          • Accessories included: 4 cues, 1 set of balls, 1 wall-mounted cue rack, 1 triangle, 1 brush and 1 box of chalk
          • Can be converted into a billiard table as an option
          • No coin mechanism
          • 3 types of legs to choose from: Louis XVI, Louis Philippe or Louis XVI straight


          • Multi-play with strips or plugs
          • Convertible to a table with a choice of full-glass, full-wood or glass/wood top
          • Possibility of adding a ping-pong or poker top
          • Leather pocket finish

          Accessories included:

          • 4 cues
          • 1 set of marbles
          • 1 wall-mounted cue holder
          • 1 triangle
          • 1 brush
          • 1 box of chalk

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            Excellence Billiard Tables - Elegant furniture solution for your playroom
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            • 310 CM - 59,000.00 AED
            • 380 CM - 79,700.00 AED

            Excellence Billiard Tables - Elegant furniture solution for your playroom

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