A simple but so addictive table football game played one vs. one. The two players are sitting on the benches, which are also acting as goals. Just protect your net, trick your opponent and score. That’s it!

Ready to become a SUBERHERO?

Rules of the game:

Official Subsoccer® games are played without shoes on.

  1. The winner of Rock/Paper/Scissors gets to start
  2. Kick-off always inside your own goal area
  3. You must be seated at all times
  4. Always keep your feet on your own side of the field
  5. The first one to score 3 goals is the winner of the set
  6. You need 2 sets to win the match

Organising a Subsoccer Cup

A Subsoccer Cup is held in a simple 16 player knockout stage format in which the match pairs are drawn. In our single elimination format, the winner moves to the next round whereas the loser is dropped from the Cup. To win a match, a player must win 2 sets. To win a set, a player needs to score 3 goals. Got it? If not, just remember the lucky number 3!

*if there are less participants than 16, 8 and 4 players cup formats are also possible to arrange.
**if the number of players is uneven, the player drawn without an opponent will automatically be qualified for the next round.

The Suberhost and Suberefs!

What would be a Subsoccer Cup without a SUBER atmosphere? In our cups there is always chanting, laughing, and terrible jokes provided by the amazing SUBERHOSTS.

heir job is to interview players before and after the game, not to mention keeping the crowd pumped up, which however, should happen on its own! For the games to remain fair, the SUBEREFS are mindfully judging the matches with their unbelievable knowledge of our table soccer game. Their decisions should always be respected!


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